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Automotive Tools

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Automobiles are one of the most complex commodities we encounter in daily life. This complexity challenges the automotive industry especially when designing a new model. The vehicle must be made to be robust and reliable so that we can use it safely throughout the day.

Automotive Tools are established to optimize the products and processes involving the vehicles. Knowledge about those tools is a fundamental requirement for all employees from the development center, through the production process, and into the service bay.

APQP Advanced Product Quality Planning -
Tightly-Focused Quality Planning

PPAP Production Part Approval Process -
Ensuring the effectiveness of your production processes

FMEA Failure Mode Effect Analysis -
A method to assess the risk within the work of an expert team.

SPC Statistical Process Control -
SPC Statistical Process Control - Monitoring the performance of your machines and processes

Measurement System Analysis MSA- To increase confidence in measurement data, you have to understand the measurement system and use it intelligently.