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Who is Who

PRO 4 cooperation is a cooperation of independent consultants, who complement one another within their competences and experiences. We accompany you as part of your project team related to your requirements and wishes. Our target is your success.

Basis for our cooperation is our Policy.

In addition we have got a powerful connection with our strategical partners. Further more, there is a tight relationship to round about 40 experts to get ready to solve "big issues".

The Steering Committee
bild_kaminski Dr. Martin Kaminski
Tel.: +49 (6420) 838500
e-mail: M.Kaminski@PRO4-cooperation.de
Head of PRO 4 cooperation
Senior Consultant
Lead Assessor
bild_beyer Dipl. Ing. Ralf Beyer
Tel.: +49 (4298) 469700
e-mail: R.Beyer@PRO4-cooperation.de
Member of the Steering Committee
Senior Consultant
Lead Assessor
The Core Team
bild_frey Dipl. Ing. Wolfgang Frey
Tel.: +49 (7181) 932737
e-mail: W.Frey@PRO4-cooperation.de

Quality Management Representive
Senior Consultant
bild_beyer M.Sc., Dipl.-BerufsPaed. (FH) Agnes Kaminski
Tel.: +49 (6420) 838500
e-mail: a.kaminski@PRO4-cooperation.de

Senior Consultant
Lead Assessor Member of the Board of BBGM e.V.
bild_ulrich Dipl. Physiker Ulrich Seiferheld
Tel.: +49 (6046) 940320
e-mail: U.Seiferheld@PRO4-cooperation.de

Senior Consultant