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https://www.rakrishnasoftwareservices.com Promotion for Software-Support

Rakrishna is your one-stop spot for all your business processing outsourcing needs like data entry, processing, converting and storing.

With years of experience, a pool of skilled resources, precise planning, and execution, Rakrishna Software Services is known for its quality service that caters to meet clients requirements. Our clients trust our services as we take 360 degrees care for every project that we undertake and deliver them desired outputs with the fastest turnaround time.

More information: https://www.rakrishnasoftwareservices.com

http://www.proproduction.de New version of FMEA 2019 is now available !!

bild_fmea_2019 After a long development period, AIAG (Automotive Industry Action Group) and VDA (Automobile Industry Association) have released a harmonized version of the Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA).

We are ready to present to you the new version of the Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA). We offer trainings, implementation workshops, consulting or just the presentation or mediation of the actual FMEA-content inside your company based on practical examples of your company. According to your wishes or requirements, we provide to you the new FMEA forms based on Excel files, which can be used immediately in your daily work.

Even if you are till now do not use FMEA, even if you are just a beginner or even if you are an expert being eager to get updated about the new FMEA-version, we might be your address for help. We offer presentations, trainings and tools and will create lessons based on projects of your specific company

Your goals

o Identify, evaluate and effectively control technical risks of products or processes using     the latest, harmonized FMEA methodology (7 steps method).
o Implement and apply FMEA inside the company
o Develop a FMEA strategy inside the company
o Appreciate the FMEA as an additional cost avoidance tool inside the product life    cycle

After the training / workshop you might be able to
o explain basic functions of risk analysis and control using an FMEA
o apply the 7 steps of the FMEA methodology to all kind of FMEA's
o perform a function and parameter analysis for products or processes,
o interpret the factors impact, occurrence and detection and apply them to the needs of     the company,
o create a cause / effect diagram (ISHIKAWA diagram),
o perform a risk analysis using an example and determine the Activity Priority (AP),
o identify process risks inside the processes of your company,
o practically document what has been learned in the Design-, Process- FMEA or in    the new FMEA-MSR (MSR= Monitoring and Reaction of the system)
o plan the next steps.


Please contact us and we will for sure find a suitable date!

Please use this link to create an email to Proproduction.


http://www.glaxosmithkline.de Invitation to the German "9. Arbeitsmedizinisches Sommersymposium"
of GlaxoSmithKline in
2012/06/22 and 2012/06/23 in Erfurt

proproduction will present a German paper with the title:
"Impfungen als Beitrag zu einem wirksamen Betrieblichen Gesundheitsmanagement-System BGM"
Autors are Dr. Elisabeth Grieger, Gießen and Dipl.-BerufsPäd. Agnes Kaminski

More information:
Programm of the symposium

http://www.lrqa.de Invitation to the 2-days German PRAXIS-Training

2012/09/25 and 2012/09/26 or
2012/12/04 and 2012/09/05

inside LRQA in Cologne titled:

DIN SPEC 91020 - Der neue Standard zum Betrieblichen Gesundheitsmanagement

Subjects of this 2-days training:

- Basics of Health Management Systems
- Goals and Benefits of DIN SPEC 91020
- Details of DIN SPEC
- Options to install BGM and its documentation
- Rules for certification

More information: Invitation of LRQA
http://www.lrqa.de German Webinar 2012/06/13 sucessfully took place with LRQA - Lloyds Register Quality Assurance

Dr. Martin Kaminski presented:

- Basics of Health Management Systems
- Goals and Benefits of DIN SPEC 91020
- Highlights of DIN SPEC

More information:
documentation of the webinar oder text and audio documents provided by LRQA
http://www.coporate-health-convention.de In 2012:
proproduction - member of PRO 4 cooperation - participated the Corporate Health Convention in Stuttgart

Interesting discussions took place about the innovative DIN SPEC 91020 describing the introduction of Health Management Systems

Dr. Martin Kaminski presented a paper with the German title:

"Gesundheitsaspekte - Dreh- und Angelpunkt eines BGM zur Analyse und Erfolgskontrolle sowie Anwendung auf die neue DIN SPEC 91020 - Ein Praxisbericht".

He focussed on the features of the new DIN SPEC 91020 and reported the status of his successful project with SIEMENS. Many thanks to Dr. Ralf Franke - Corporate Medical Director der Siemens AG - for his statements and answers within the discussion session.

More information:
Impressions from the Corporate Health Convention 2012 some pages from the presentation paper:
Gesundheitsaspekte - Dreh- und Angelpunkt eines BGM zur Analyse und Erfolgskontrolle sowie Anwendung auf die neue DIN SPEC 91020 - Ein Praxisbericht

http://www.coporate-health-convention.de Looking back to 2011:
Multiple Attendance at the Corporate Health Convention in Munich regarding SCOHS

In cooperation with SIEMENS we made presentations of the health management system, which includes all worldwide divisions. Inside the SCOHS-stand interesting discussions were on-going, which primarily confirmed the need of standardization and certifcation of health management systems.

More information:
Impressions of Corporate Health Convention 2011
http://www.SCOHS.de PRO 4 cooperation is one of the initiators of SCOHS

The new standard of health management systems is called SCOHS Social Capital and Occupational Health Standard. Within several projects this standard is the basis of consutling acitivities in multiple companies.
More information and access to the standard paper: www.SCOHS.de
http://www.DIN.de PRO 4 cooperation is member of the working group to form the DIN Spec 91020.

The DIN Spec 91020 will get finished and published already in 2012. Well-known organisations ( e.g. BAD, TUEV, DQS) dealing since years with Occupational Health Management are part of this working group to combine all necessary requirements into one comprehensive paper.