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Occupational Health Management


The health of a company's employees is a high priority and "one apple a day" is not enough! The aim of every company management should be to encourage employees in such a way that they work in a self-motivated and healthy manner.

There are many efforts in the field of health that support measures to improve the health of employees. For example, companies encourage such things as sports teams, improvements in cafeteria food choices, and personal training to improve back strength.

However, only through systematic health management and the integration of health programs into company processes, can a company create an awareness of preventative employee health care with clear lines of responsibility. Some applicable standards include:

DIN Spec 91020 Specification of an occupational health management system -
An interdisciplinary project that works on standardization and certification

SCOHS Socal Capital and Occupational Health Standard -
An approach that recognizes the social network among the employees is a key factor for a healthy company

HACCP Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points -
A program to recognise health hazards early and provide measures