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Energy Management

ISO 50001 / DIN EN 16001
International Standard for Energy Management Systems


When introducing an energy management system, a tax reduction from 25MWh consumption has been announced to begin in 2013.

Under the energy concept of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU), top priority is placed upon exploiting potential energy efficiencies. It has been announced, that starting in 2013, a tax reduction is possible for companies that have installed an energy management system. In addition, the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) states that receiving this tax reduction is based upon a company having its energy management system active in daily use.

An energy management system is an appropriate tool to lower a company's energy consumption and systematically reduce its long-term energy cost while actively contributing to climate protection.

Our Range of Services: audit-consulting-training

When establishing the system, all relevant company processes and information sources are documented and organized. Analyses of energy consumption, energy issues, energy targets and energy reduction programs are worked out. Based on the current status of the company, improvement processes are initiated to support cost reduction, legal compliance and energy management.

As a consulting service we also offer to implement and run an energy management system inside your company. In this case our experts will explain the needs to you and your staff in a step by step manner, covering all required activities and parameters. This way, you and your staff will also gain experience in problem solving and in selecting the appropriate tools:


- Analyse the current status; compare existing structures to the requirements of ISO 50001/ DIN EN 16001
- Prepare documentation
- - Work out an energy policy
- - Install an energy-efficiency-team
- - Check legal requirements
- - Define energy issues, energy targets and energy programs to optimize energy consumption
- - Form teams to support the process of preparing the documentation
- - Design the manual and/or integrate the energy management system into an existing management system
- - Ensure that defined actions are taken by individuals with assigned responsibility and authority
- - Train management in all aspects of energy management systems, internal auditing and documentation
- - Implement all activities necessary for planning and control
- Internal Audit
- - Prepare an effective audit program
- - Conduct audits
- - Provide audit reporting
- - Present audit reports/ define corrective action
- Implement ISO 50001 in the organization
- Obtain certification of the organization