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Environmental Management

ISO 14001
International Standard to qualify Environmental Management Systems

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To lead a company means to take responsibility: responsibility for the employees, responsibility for the products or services, and responsibility for the environment and the future of our children. By the systematic management of its environmental impact, a firm d emonstrates its conscious commitment to take a long-term view a nd express it in daily work life.

Our Range of Services: audit-consulting-training

We will train your staff to install an environmental management system. While introducing this management system into your company, all relevant processes and documents will be addressed: analysis, emergency plans, environmental goals and the introduction of environmental programs. Based upon the current status of the company, improvement processes can be implemented to reduce cost, ensure legal compliance and provide environmental protection.We will train your staff to install an environmental management system.

We can also provide a consulting service to install the environmental management system inside your company. In this case our experts will explain the needs to you and your staff in a step by step manner covering all needed activities and parameters. This way, you and your staff will also gain practical experience in performing environmental management in your company.


- Perform a current status analysis, compare exisiting QM-structures with the requirements of ISO 14001 according to the audit check list.
- Work out QM-documentation
- - Work out the legal aspects
- - Work out environmental aspects, environmental goals, environmental programs
- - Monitor working groups to support environmental management documentation
- - Integrate the environmental management system into existing management systems
- - Work out the decided measures by responsible management
- Train company executives in environmental management, internal audits, environmental management documentation
- Introduce necessary planning and management actions
- Internal audit
- - Work out audit plans
- - conduct the audit
- - Work out audit reports
- - Present audit reports /define corrective actions
- Implement ISO 14001
- Prepare for and achieve certification